Art and Craft

Chamba is quite famous for its traditional handicrafts and art. In Older days, there were no such good roads due to which there is no mode of transportation for the people of Chamba. At that time, the only mode to made money is tremendous art and craft. Artisans came from different regions to learn. Various art and crafts of Chamba includes some outstanding things like Chamba Chappals, Chamba Rumal, Chamba Shawls, Miniature Painting, Metal work, Wooden work.

Chamba Rumal

Chamba Rumal refers to as the visual art form done on the handkerchiefs which are very unique to Chamba. Earlier the walls of the palaces were decorated with murals and miniature paintings don in Chamba style. The Royal ladies done this work just to kill the leisure hours of the day, now it has become the hallmark of Chamba.

Chamba Shawl

Chamba Shawls are other handicrafts in Chamba. Earlier the Shawls makers used only local sheep’s wool to make shawls, but now merino sheep wool, pashmina wool, angora wool, etc are also used. Cotton thread is also used along the woollen thread.

Miniature Paintings

Miniature Painting in Chamba is also very famous in Chamba. These paintings were started in form of mythological art work but now a days the Pahari painting are done mainly in Chamba.

Chamba Chappals

Chamba Chappal is made from the leather and the embroidery which is done over it is quite impressive and the Chamba kadai is done over these. Gold and Silver threads are used over these which looks fantastic when work is done. These chappals are not just beautiful but also very comfortable to wear on.

Metal Works

Metal Work in Chamba is an ancient craft of Chamba. It is believed that people of this region have been making the brass objects. A copper mine located in the district provide the brass for the raw material. Later Bronze starts instead of the brass. The images of many God and Goddess were made by the bronze later on.

Wooden Work

Wooden Work in Chamba is another tradition of Chamba. The temples of Bharmour and Chhatrari are good example of wooden work of Chamba. Wooden statues, door panels and under-the-eve-decorations also provides significant importance to this craft.