Bhuri Singh Meuseam

Bhuri Singh Museum at Chamba was established on 14 September 1908 in honour of the Raja Bhuri Singh, who ruled Chamba for a longer period of time and developed it.

J. Ph. Vogel, an eminent Indologist and expert on the history of Chamba state. He proposed the Bhuri Singh Meuseam to preserve a number of valuable inscriptions.

These are mostly in Sarda script, which contained some rare information about the medieval history of Chamba.

  • Bhuri Singh donated his family collection of paintings to the museum. This including royal portraits which ranged from Basohli to Guler-Kangra in style, and embroidered Pahari miniatures.

  •  Numerous artifacts, important to the heritage of Chamba were added, including coins, hill jewellery and royal and traditional costumes, arms and Armour, musical instruments and other items.

  • Bhuri Singh Museum is a set in paradise if you are enthusiastic about Indian epics and texts.

  • Originally written pages from the Mahabharata and the Upanishads are on display. Apart from the rare brass and copper engraved coins and such artifacts are present in Bhuri Singh Meuseam.

  •  The details of the early period  currency, dressing, and armors are available here. 

Any one who has a deep interest in the history, this place is just perfect for them. Come here and enjoy the history along with the beauty of the nature together.

Chamba city offers a very deep relation with the past histories. Bhuri Singh Meuseam gives a brief and imagatic results of the same.

There are many ancient things of Raja’s time which are still available at the Bhuri Singh Meuseam. The entire history of the Chamba is available at this meuseam.

Just visit here and have a look at the amazing paintings, music instruments, Armour, coins, dance culture, and many more things.