Chamera Lake

Chamera Lake is located in the District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh. This is  also a major attraction of the Chamba for the tourists.

  • It is a reservoir formed by the Chamera Dam.

  •  This is also a major source of water for the local villages which are located near the dam.

  • Being located in the valley of the pine forest, the lake also excellent site for various activities like fishing and boating. 

  • Himachal Pradesh tourism had also provided some boats adjacent to the lake for water sports like river rafting, shikara, paddle boating, motor boating, are also available for the tourist. 

  • There are many restaurants for the tourists to enjoy the delicious food near the lake.

  • The lake is also near to the Bhalei Mata Temple so the visitors can also visit there.

  • There is a fine connectivity of the roads to reach the lake. 

  • The water of the lake is crystal blue. 

  • The distance of the lake from Dalhousie is 35 km.

  • Lake offers irrigation facilities to the villagers, who live in and around this area.

  • This is also a part of the Chamera Hydroelectric project that is built over the Ravi River.

  • The Chamera Lake can be visited throughout the year.

  • But if you really want to enjoy the snow white surroundings of the lake, then do visit it in winter.

  • Absence of aquatic life in the lake has made it an ideal location for water sports.