Chaugan is the nucleus of all activity in Chamba. It is surrounded by impressive administrative buildings and a shopping arcade, with the old Akhand Chandi palace standing nearby.

As Chamba city had completed its 1000 years of presence, Millennium Gate is made at the middle boundary of Chaugan as the completion mark. 

  • It has a terraced grass green, and is exceptionally large for a hill station.

  • The British changed over five little chaugan into a solitary Chaugan for use as an esplanade and sports complex.

  • Presently, it is usually utilized for cricket matches, picnics and promenades during the mid-late spring.

  • At the time of Navratra’s, the drama based on the deity Lord Rama is also held in the ground which last nine days.

  •  During the annual ‘Minjar Mela’ fair, the entire ground becomes a shopping market.

  • During the Dussehra festival, the putla’s of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhkarana are also burned in the ground. 

  • After the Dussehra festival, the ground is closed for the public until April, for maintenance purposes.

  • Children use to play cricket, hockey, football, and many other sport in the morning.

  • The weather of the early morning is just amazing. There are lot of people who came here for jogging, running, walking for there fitness.

  • There is a beautiful view of the river Ravi from the edges of the ground.

  • The sounds of the river is very attractive during night which has some cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere around the area. 

  • Snow-covered peaks are  shown from the chaugan with an absolutely beautiful view for the people who came here.

  • During the Mani Mahesh fair, many pilgrims resides here in the ground for the rest and then they start there journey.