Church Of Scotland

Church of Scotland, a Presbyterian Church, known as St. Andrew’s Church.

  • Church of Scotland was established by the first missionary in Chamba.
  • The Reverend William Ferguson, who served there between 1863 and 1873.
  • The foundation stone for building the new church was laid by the Raja of Chamba.
  • On 17 February 1899, in the presence of the Scottish reverend Dr. M’Clymont who had come from Scotland.
  • The Raja had contributed a generous grant to build the Church.
  • He ensured that it was exquisitely built in fine stone masonry. 
  • The walls are supported by buttresses, and lancer arch windows provide the light and ventilation.
  • Several schools are run by the Mission located within the Church precincts.
  • The Church has some beautiful views of the river ravi and the snow-covered peaks which are very beautiful to see.
  • On Christmas day, the beauty of church is a must watch thing to see. The lightnings and the decorations are just amazing to see.
  • Church of Scotland is a well established place known for its design and insides.