Dain Kund Peak

 Dain kund Peak is a stunning tourist place supreme mount in Dalhousie.

  • From here, there is a complete view of the valley and nearby peaks with a really vast and astonishing beauty of the nature.

  • The noise of the breeze passing through the trees makes a musical sound, due to which this peak has also obtained the name, the singing hill.

  • This place has a scenically charm and effortless view of the surroundings that will surely take your breath away.

  • Here people love to walk and trek up. 

  • People really enjoy and spend lots of time in this pretty environment. 

  • Dain kund is the highest mountain peak in Dalhousie provides the superb setting for the entire valley.

  • Trekking is the most common path to get to the top and is an unreliable experience, with great views and fresh or cool mountain air. 

  • This day trek is divided into three distinct sections.

  • Climb through a forest, a walk along the ridge and downhill along a concrete path.

  •  At one end of the ridge, there are wooded hills that lead to Dalhousie, while on the other side, the hills extend to tall snow clad mountains. 

  • An Air Force base of India, is also here in the peak Dain kund.

  • Tourists are not allowed to enter by the army after 4 pm, for the safety purpose.

  • Also, there is a local shop at the peak of the Dain Kund for the refreshments purpose.