Dalhousie is known for its great valleys and high mountain ranges  and weather. Lord Dalhousie founded the town in 1854 because its fresh and peaceful atmosphere and healthy surroundings enchanted him.

  • Dalhousie is a quiet hill station with little night life, best suited for people who want to de-stress, who like the quiet, serene atmosphere, and  ideal for long walks, picnics and treks.

  • It is not recommended for people who want discos, malls and multiplexes.

  • While there is plenty to do, see and experience, this place exudes an old-world charm and it seems like it hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the world yet.

  • As Shimla finds its focus in the mall, in this place action gravitates in the evening to the G.P.O. which presents a riot of colors and activity.

  • Most of the good eateries and handicraft emporium, hotels and the ever-attractive Tibetan market are all around the G.P.O. 

  • There is a library and a reading room at the G.P.O. for book lovers.

  •  Places like Panchpula are known for trekking. 

  • There are waterfalls, places to trek, or to sit down, relax, and experience nature.

  • Going there  on foot is a marvelous experience.

  • Also the attraction seekers here is the amazing views and the atmosphere which nailed the tourists completely.

  Things to do in Dalhousie:

  • Go to the Tibetan market and have a look around the Gandhi Chowk just for fun.

  • Enjoy long walks; carry an umbrella if its cloudy.

  • Picnics are the thing to do in this place.

  • Star-gaze: the sky is exceptionally clear in this place at night.

  • The Dain Kund Peak is near to dalhousie for trek purposing.