Kalatop Wildlife Sentury area is well laid out with the dense forest and beautiful scenery around. This is near to Dalhousie and Khajjiar.

  • There are many varieties of flora and fauna find here in this sanctuary.

  • The Black Bears are found in the area which are quite of dangerous when they attack.

  • So, the tourists must be aware of these animals if they are planning to visit here.

  • Night life of this sanctuary is a very must thing to do as the sky are full of stars.

  • You can do some bon fires, and campaign along with the friends and family members. 

  • There are deodar trees which embraces the area even more to visit.

  •  A very thick and dark forest crowns the hilltop perhaps due to which the area is derived its name as Kalatop means “black cap”. 

  • The spot really commands a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

  • Visitors can see the snow-capped mountains, greenery around, valleys and many beautiful views from here.

  • Best time to visit the kalatop is March-May and from September to November for the enjoyment of the snowfall and the weathers.

  • There is a forest guest house at Kalatop, where the guests can stay for a better experience.

  • They can closely watch the mother nature and spend their holiday in absolute bliss.

  • Tourists normally prefer to walk up to kalatop from Lakkarmandi, which is approximately 4 km from kalatop, to take in the amazing views of the beautiful landscapes of this place.

  • This region is less explored compared to other area of Dalhousie, and so forest trailing, wildlife safari, and picnics are so much fun here.

  • This wonderful destination tops the list of almost every traveler who visits Dalhousie, with an aim to explore the natural splendors that are available in abundance here.