Minjar Fair

Minjar Mela, celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of the Shravana month, or August. It celebrates the triumph of the king of Chamba over the Trigarta ruler. 

  • This celebration is held in the long stretch of August and it proceeds for seven days.

  • Minjar Fair is an occasion on which individuals in the Chamba Valley sit tight for all year.

  • Beginning of reasonable is d by dispersion of Minjar which is a silk decoration worn on front part of the dress by people alike. 

  • Tuft symbolizes the shoots of paddy and maize which show up around this time.

  • Chamba town wears a beautiful look with each individual turning out in best clothing. 

  •  Most piece of the Chaugan is changed over into business sector and individuals to energetic business amid this week. 

  • Games and social projects are composed.

  •  Individual in thousands take an interest in this celebration from inside and outside the State.

  • Lord Raghuvira is mainly worshiped, and on the last day, tribute is also paid to the Ravi river.

  • Some Locals perform many folk dances and songs, known as Kunjari Malhar during the festival.

  • 7 DJ’s night held in this fair on which many Punjabi and other singers will perform.

  • A lot of markets established in the main Chaugan of Chamba where people from all over the country will come to sell their products.

  • Many swings are also there for the children enjoyment and lots of other stuff for the people to enjoy.

  • On the last day, the third Sunday the exhilaration, colorfulness and eagerness achieves its crescendo, when the brilliant Minjar parade of the divinities joined by moving troupes, 

  • Customarily attired local people, conventional drum blenders alongside Police and Home Guards band, starts its walk from Akhand Chandi Mahal and goes to the bank of the Ravi River.