Religious Places

Religious Places are the places where all levels of joy combines. These places are magnifying glass of learning and lasting loves. In these places, the mind, spirit and senses are reawakened. Here is a glory of Lord. Some of the Religious Places of Chamba Himachal are listed as under:

1. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi naath temple

The Laxmi Narayan temples devoted to the Vaishnavite sect, includes the main Laxmi Narayan temple, built in the 10th century by Raja Sahil Verman. It has been built to suit the local climatic conditions with wooden chatries and has a shikara, and a sanctum sanctorum, with an antarala and a mantapa. A metallic image of Garuda, the vahana of Vishnu is installed on the dwajastamba pillar at the main gate of the temple. The beauty of this Religious Places is old style architecture building style. To know more Click here

2. Chamunda Devi Temple

chamunda devii temple

Chamunda Devi Temple is a Religious Places in Chamba and is located in a prominent position on the spur of Shah Madar range of hills, opposite to the Chamba town. It was built by Raja Umed Singh and was completed in 1762. This is the only wooden temple with gabled roof  in Chamba. The temple has beautiful carvings rendering floral themes and different idol, overlooks enchanting views of the Chamba Valley and Himalayan range. To know more Click here

3. Champavati Devi Temple

champavatii temple

Champavati Devi temple was built by Raja Sahil Varman in memory of his daughter Champavati. The temple, located near the Police Post and the Treasury building, is built in the Shikhara style, with intricate stone carvings. It has a wheel roof and is large as the Laxmi Narayan Temple. An idol of the goddess Durga is worshiped in the temple. To know more Click here

4. Hari Rai Temple

harii rai temple

Hari Rai Temple is a religious place in Chamba city and is situated near the Chaugan next to Gandhi Gate. The temple is built up of stones and the shikhara style design makes the temple even more beautiful for the visitors. Pilgrims come here to worshiped Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was worshiped in Chatumurti manifestations which has Three faced human, lion and boar, made up of 8 different materials. To know more Click here

5. Sui Mata Temple

Sui Mata Temple

Sui Mata Temple stands as the honour of sacrifices to life of Queen Sui wife of Raja Sahil Verman. The temple is decorated with beautiful paintings describing the life of the Queen. Basically, this religious place is on Saho roads which is approximately three to four kilo meters from Chamba. This temple came existence into about 18th century. To know more Click here

6. Bhalie Mata Temple

bhaliee mata temple

Bhalei Mata Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Bhadra. It is located on 3,800 feet (1,200 m) high spur in Bhalei, which is now a Sub-Tehsil headquarters. This is about 35 km from Salooni Tehsil headquarters. The temple can be approached either from Chamba or from Dalhousie and is at a distance of 40 kilometers from Chamba and 30 kilometres from Dalhousie. To know more Click here

7. Banni Mata Temple

bani mata temple

Banni Mata Temple, also known variously as the Mahakali Banni Mata Temple, is located in Chamba District, a hill station in the State of  Himachal Pradesh in north India. This temple is situated at a height of 8,500 feet, right at the base of beautiful Pir Pranjal Range in the Chamba Valley. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Devi Kali, a goddess figure in Hinduism. The temple is surrounded by deep forests at the foot of the Himalayas. To know more Click here

8. Chhatrari Devi Temple

chattrarii temple

Chhatrari Devi temple is surrounded by twelve heavy pillars of deodar wood. The idol inside this Religious Places is made of alloy and quite bright. On the left side of Chhatrari Devi Temple we can see the images of Lord Vishnu with the side faces being a lion’s and a boar’s and Goddess Durga slaying the buffalo-demon Mahishasura. Chhatrari Devi Temple is situated 45 km from Chamba. To know more Click here

9.Brahmani Mata Temple

bhramani mata

Brahmani Mata Temple is at the top of the Bharmour with a distance of 4 km from the city situated on the top of the hill. The main deity of Goddess Brahmani is worshiped here. When Lord Shiva went to Mani Mahesh, he granted a boon to Brahmani Mata that all the pilgrims who went to Mani Mahesh, first visit here, take a holy dip in the Holy water here. To know more Click here

10. Churasi Naath Temple

chaurasi nath temple

Chaurasi Naath temple is located in the centre of Bharmour city. This temple is built around 1400 years ago. There are 84 small temples located in this complex. The beautiful Shikhara style temple of Mani Mahesh is located in the centre of the complex. Chaurasi means eighty-four in Hindi and there are 84 shrines located here in this temple. To know more Click here