Bhalie Mata Temple

Bhalie Mata Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Bhadra. It is located on 3,800 feet (1,200 m) high spur in Bhalei, which is now a Sub-Tehsil headquarters.

  • It is about 35 km from Salooni Tehsil headquarters.

  • The temple can be approached either from Chamba or from Dalhousie.

  • A distance of 40 kilometers from Chamba and 30 kilometres from Dalhousie.

  • This temple was built by the local king of the Chamba in the 18th century.

  • In this temple, there is a statue of Bhalie Mata is placed.

  • It is believed that in the ancient times some people think that in this temple there is no Mata lives here.

  • One day in the morning they came this temple and stolen the statue of Mata.

  • When they go just about 200 meters from the temple then they are not able to see anything.

  • When they drop the statue of Mata, they are able to see everything so they people left the statue of Mata there and they run from the temple.

  • After that when the king of Chamba heard all the story, then he visit the temple and say that I want to see those people who want to stole the statue of Mata.

  • After few day, these people were found and they are present across the king and the people accept their guilty.

  • They told all the story which they have faced, after that this temple is so famous and the name of the Mata is Bhalei.

  • That is why this place is also known as Bhalie Mata Temple.

  • Here so many people visit every year and specially during the Navaratra week, the temple is fully filled with the pilgrims.

  • It is believed that the image of the deity seems to be perspiring since that event.¬†