Brahmani Mata Temple

Brahmani Mata temple is at the top of the Bharmour with a distance of 4 km from the city situated on the top of the hill.

  • The main deity of Goddess Brahmani is worshiped here.

  • When Lord Shiva went to Mani Mahesh, he granted a boon to Brahmani Mata that all the pilgrims who went to Mani Mahesh.

  • First visit here, take a holy dip in the Holy water here. 

  •  Failing this would not be acceptable to Lord Shiva. 

  • Brahmani holy pool is about 4 * 4 meter below Brahmani’s cave.

  • Goddess Brahmani had stolen this holy water from Lord Sandhola Naag which is another side of the ridge.

  • Seven water streams are coming from the bottom of cave which are presently serving water supply facility to Bharmour and running many flour mills.

  • The Brahmani Mata temple is situated on the mountains and gives an astonishing view of Bharmour and Budhal valley.

  • The road connecting to the temple is awesome.

  • It is covered with dense forest of Deodar trees and the greenery is just amazing. 

  • The view of opposite mountains is also awesome to watch.

  • Many wild animals lives in this area. 

  • So, precautions is a must thing to deal with while planning to visit here.

  • A cold breeze blows across the place always and the temperature is quite chilling.

  • During winter from the month of November snowfall starts and the temple remains closed.

  • Locals with all their love served a delicious meal, which we would remember for a long time.