Champavati Devi Temple

Champavati Devi Temple was built by Raja Sahil Varman in memory of his daughter Champavati.

  • The temple, located near the Police Post and the Treasury building, is built in the Shikhara style, with intricate stone carvings.

  • It has a wheel roof and is large as the Laxmi Narayan Temple. 

  • An idol of the goddess Durga is worshiped in the temple. 

  • The walls of the temple are full of exquisite stone sculptures.

  • Champavati temple is also a pilgrim destination for many Hindus.

  • The daughter of King Sahil Verman was a religious person.

  • She used to visit the temples and Sadhus ashrams daily.

  • One day, the King Raja Sahil Verman doubted her daughter’s character and he followed her to the temple.

  • But when he reached there, he saw there was no one in the temple and the ashram.

  • The sadhu and her daughter were vanished in order to punish him.

  • When he was about to return, a heard sound that her daughter had been taken away in order to punish him as a result of his suspicion.

  • The voice also told him to create a temple and named it after her daughter. 

  • From that time, the Champavati Devi Temple is still present in Chamba city. 

  • The temple is now under the Archaeology survey of India.

  • The main attraction of the temple is Shikhara style architecture.

  • Stone carved walls, full with sculptures, make the temple an attractive tourist spot.