Chaurasi Naath Temple

Chaurasi Naath Temple is located in the centre of Bharmour city. The temple is built around 1400 years ago. 

  • There are 84 small temples located in this complex.
  • Beautiful Shikhara style temple of Mani Mahesh is located in the centre of the complex. 
  • Chaurasi means eighty-four in Hindi and there are 84 shrines located here in this temple.
  • It is believed that 84 Siddhartha from Kurukshetra once came here and they pleased with the calmness and peacefulness of the Bharmour and they decided to stay here.
  • There is another story of Chaurasi Naath Temple.
  • Soon after the accession of Raja Sahil Verman, 84 yogis came to the Bharmour.
  • Yogi’s were so pleased with the King’s hospitality and they gave a boon to King of 10 sons.
  • King request them to stay until the boon is fulfilled.
  • Soon the King was blessed with 10 sons and a daughter.
  • Sahil Verman named the daughter Champavati after which the name of Chamba was established.
  • Also, there is a temple of Dharam Raj also known as Yam Raj.
  • Only temple of Dharam Raj in the world.
  • It is still believed that after death, the soul first reaches the Bharmour in Dharam Raj temple.
  • Where Chitragupta, the secretory of the Dharam Raj keeps the records of the deeds and misdeeds of the particular soul.
  • Then taken in front of the Yam Raj to decide where he wants to send.
  • After the decision of the Yam Raj, the Yum doots take the soul to heaven or hell as per there deeds as mentioned.
  • There are four invisible doors present which are of Gold, Silver, copper and Iron.
  • Rooms where the decision is taken is also known as Kahahar of Yam Raj.