Chhatrari Temple

Chhatrari Temple is surrounded by twelve heavy pillars of deodar wood. The idol inside the temple is made of alloy and quite bright.

  • On the left side of Chhatrari Devi Temple we can see the images of Lord Vishnu with the side faces being a lion’s and a boar’s.

  • Goddess Durga slaying the buffalo-demon Mahishasura.

  • Chhatrari Temple is situated 45 km from Chamba.

  • Every year in the month of September on the third day of Mani Mahesh Fair in Bharmour.

  • Water from Mani Mahesh Lake is brought and the idol of Shakti Mata is performed a holy bath.

  • This temple is located on the old road of Mani Mahesh which people use to take when new roads were not constructed. 

  •  But due to better road today, the temple has lost its jewel. 

  • No one visit the Chhatrari Temple now a days as frequently as earlier.

  • But those who are looking for something unique must visit the temple. 

  • There is a beautiful work done on the wooden pillars of the temple and this enhance the beauty of the temple.

  • Inside the temple, we can clearly see the statue of Maa Shakti who saved the lives of pilgrims to Mani Mahesh by killing the demons who were eating alive the pilgrims.

  • At the temple, we can also see the masks made of real demons’ skin as claimed by the local.

  • In the month of September, a fair is held at the temple in which local dress as demons by wearing the real masks present in the temple. 

  • This fair is known as Chhatrari jatra or Shakti Devi Fair.