Hari Rai Temple

Hari Rai Temple is situated near the Chaugan next to Gandhi Gate. The pilgrims come here to worshiped Lord Vishnu.

  • The temple is built up of stones and the shikhara style design makes the temple even more beautiful for the visitors. 

  • The Lord Vishnu was worshiped in Chatumurti manifestations.

  • It has three faced human, lion and boar, made up of 8 different materials.

  • The Lord is artistically adorned with the middle finger ring, mukut, armlets, necklaces and kundals.

  • Temple was established in 11 century by Salabahana.

  • There are various niches in Hari Rai Temple that project Brahmanical deities including Shiva seated on a bull with Uma seated to his left.

  • Mounts of both the deities namely lion and Nandi appear on the front over the base. 

  • While Surya seated on a chariot holding lotus bud in right hand.

  • The lower left hand is in varada-mudra while the corresponding hand displays abhaya-mudra.

  • There is view of Sitla Bridge for the tourists which is very near to the temple.

  • Temple has retained quite a lot of its appeal and its spiritual air.

  • At the entrance of the temple are shown two female deities of Ganga and Yamuna.

  • The image of the deity was stolen in 1971 by anti-social elements.

  • But was recovered in Bombay later.

  • Then the image was again re-established in the temple.

  • Many other structures such as the Gandhi Gate and the Fire Station Building were built by British in front of the temple.