Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temples complex, devoted to the Vaishnavite sect, includes the main Laxmi Narayan Temple, built in the 10th century by Raja Sahil Verman.

  • It has been built to suit the local climatic conditions with wooden chatries and has a shikara, and a sanctum sanctorum, with an antarala and a mantapa.

  • A metallic image of Garuda, the vahana of Vishnu is installed on the dwajastamba pillar at the main gate of the temple.

  • Sahil verman named Chamba after his daughter Champa and she used to get her education from the priest.

  • Raja doubted her daughter character and he send his guards behind her to check what was she doing.

  • One night, the Raja had a dream in which a priest had came in his nightmare and said that he had doubted her daughter character.

  • To overcome his crime, he was assigned to go to the river Ghodhavri.

  • On the bank, there is a rock named as VISHNU SHILA to get that in the city chamba.

  • Raja had lost his 9 sons while doing the work. 

  • But the tenth son was saved by the NAGA SAINTS. 

  • They took care of the prince and helped him to shift the Shilla to the Chamba.

  • NAGA Saints built the Dashnam Akhara in the Chamba which was off 10th century.

  • Seems like the blessings of the NAGA Saints was the key that the temple faced every problem quite easily.

  • The statue of the Lord Vishnu was made by that shilla and was the biggest among all in the India.

  • On the walls of the temple, there are various designs and sketch which was not affected by the climate.

  • In 1555 and 1905 there was an earthquake recorded of 7.5 on ritchter scale but seems to had no effect on the temple.

  • There were 3 pillars in the temple which got incline during the earthquake.

  • Again, they regain there shapes originally as they were earlier. 

  • This temple was one of the main attraction of the Chamba till now a days.