Sui Mata Temple

Sui Mata Temple stands as the honour of sacrifices to life of Queen Sui wife of Raja Sahil Verman. The temple is decorated with beautiful paintings describing the life of the Queen.

  • Basically, this temple is on Saho roads which is approximately three to four kilo meters from Chamba.

  • This temple came existence into about 18th century. 

  • This is located on the above road side having stairs for gong to main part the temple which is having 200 stairs.

  • After that you reached the main temple where a statue of the Queen Sui is placed.

  • There is a hidden story laid behind the construction of the Sui Mata Temple..

  • Long ago, there was heavy rainfall in the Chamba due to which Raja Sahil Verman prays to God more often.

  • Further he started offering the god. 

  • Soon he has to leave his throne for the fulfillment but there was no water for years.

  • The Brahmans suggests him that he had to sacrifices either his son or his wife. 

  • With heavy heart, he decided to sacrifices his son but the Queen announced to sacrifices herself instead of her son.

  •  As she dies, her body and her close things were buried around the premises of the temple. 

  • Soon after her death, water starts flowing and coming to the village.

  • Since from then, the water never stops and continue to flow till now times.

  • A fair is organized every year at this place which begins on 15th March and continues till the first of April.

  • Married women and girls flock to this place with offerings to pay respect to the great queen.

  • A visit to this holy place will offer you great insight into the numerous traditions and culture of Chamba.